The Power of Three
Small Group Coaching & Mastermind Program

Is it time to implement all of that great stuff you've learned?

If you're like most of my clients when they start working with me...

  • You've already invested heaps of money into your education...

  • You've learned about marketing, sales, social media, launches, speaking, yadda yadda yadda...

  • and you feel like You can't possibly take one. more. stinking. program...

  • But you're not quite getting the results you were hoping for?


Am I speaking your language yet?

I created this new small "Power of Three" small group mastermind program for educated and savvy business owners like yourself who...

  • want personal coaching and attention from a seasoned coach and business owner to help you make the right moves

  • don't want to take another course

  • are ready to implement what you've learned

  • Want to get gigs, get seen, get launched, get clients and make money

  • want to avoid wasting any more time and money

  • Want to mastermind with other amazing mission-driven entrepreneurs


Yes! I get you, girlfriend.

alright, kim, how's this going to work?

the power of three - coaching & mastermind program

In this small group program I work with you in groups of three, which I find incredibly powerful. There's magic in the collective wisdom we create together!

You will be with other business owners who are experienced and have taken a whole slew of courses just like you.

This isn't for newbies. (Contact me if you're new in business. I have something else for ya.)

This is for seriously committed coaches, consultants, teachers, and service-based business owners ready to implement and achieve results, including money.

My mission is to help you generate more revenue as soon as possible, as well as align your needs and values to your business. Your whole life has to work together with your busienss in order for it to be sustainable.

This is a 6-month group coaching & mastermind program that includes

  • 6 months of support via video calls on Zoom
  • One-on-one initial 2-hour momentum session to set the objectives for our work together and solidify your vision. You and I will create a plan together to define where you want to be and how to bridge the gap to getting there.
  • One-on-one mid-way 2-hour check in session to refine goals and address any blocks to your success
  • 3 Sessions per month of 90-minutes each. When our triad is formed, we will find a day and time that works for the group. 
  • Private Facebook Group – You will be in a private group with your triad members. You may also ask me questions via the Facebook group between our sessions.


I wanted to create something that would be less than $1K per month to get personal mentorship with me, so the investment for this 6-month program is $4,400.

This is a fraction of what it costs to work with me privately for 6 months one-on-one (but if you'd prefer that, contact me).

After an initial deposit of $1500, you'll have 5 monthly payments of $580 per month. 

On the money stuff... Seriously... If you join me, I will be your partner in making serious money with your business. I am committed to you. If I do not feel confident that you can make this investment back quickly I will not accept you into the program. You also need to be committed to this in order to get the results you want. 


I can only work with a small number of these small groups per year, and I custom-fit the groups based on your business experience, so you're with people at your same level! If you would like to explore this, please fill out this brief questionnaire and I'll contact you to set up a time to talk.


masterminding is better with friends at your level!

Have two other friends that are ready to rock their business to the next level? Bring 'em to the triad and let's do this!