Success Circle — Coaching for Entrepreneurs

a customized and personalized

with the added benefit of a small group coaching circle


Hello there, amazing entrepreneur!

This is unlike anything I’ve offered in my first 12 years as a business mentor, and unlike most of the stuff you’ve seen out there in the business coach/mastermind-sphere.

For over a decade I’ve been a business mentor, marketing coach, and business growth consultant. I've had the great pleasure of serving beside some amazing 7-figure entrepreneurs…

Like Lisa Cherney… whose business went from $500K to $1 Million in a year.

And like The Vacuum, a digital marketing agency in Canada, where I implemented key marketing and operations strategies that tripled their revenue two years in a row.

I've mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs, seeing first hand what works and what doesn’t in today’s hyper-competitive online marketplace.

I’ve also taught programs in online marketing and sales funnel development. The strategies and tactics are sound, and my clients successfully created funnels and launches and got clients… well, the ones who actually implemented what they were taught.

And, that’s the thing that breaks my heart…

Statistically, only 20% of people who enroll in “group training programs” ever COMPLETE the curriculum, let alone implement and get positive results. Most people never finish.

Sometimes they move on to the next new bright shiny object, thinking that more information will solve their problem. Most of the time they are wrong. It doesn’t, and they find themselves one, two, or three years down the line with little to show for all of the programs they’ve bought except big ol’ credit card debt.

I’m on a mission to change that, starting... NOW!

Most people I see who are successful in business have invested in one-on-one, customized, personalized help.

When I work with someone deeply on their business — their marketing, their sales strategies, their operations and team building — huge results happen. Sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars in results.

cat and books.jpg

If you’re like most of my clients, you have stacks and stacks of materials, programs, trainings, videos, audios, worksheets, templates, examples… so the number one thing holding you back is NOT that you need more information. It’s that you need guidance around what to do NEXT in your business.

And although there is value in getting feedback from others, you also don’t need another 100+ person mastermind group program where you get lost in a sea of inexperienced people.


Is it time for you to get personal attention from an experienced mentor with a proven track record?

Are you ready to go beyond training programs, and get down to simply good business principles, practices and strategies?

Are you sick of all of the hype around what’s trendy and cool? Do you wish you could just do what works?

Do you want to connect with a small, intimate group of business owners creating wealth and a positive impact in the world?


You are who I created The Success Circle for!


The Success Circle is the most economical way to work with me one-on-one, with the added benefit of a small group mastermind.

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get peers you love.png

You and I will roll up our sleeves and dive deep into your brand, your offerings, your marketing strategies and funnels, your systems and your finances.

And then we'll jump on a group call monthly (maximum 12 people) and all brainstorm around your business together.

Since I get to work with you so personally and closely, we'll work on whatever YOU need, instead of some cookie-cutter curriculum that you’re force-fed. If there’s something you do need to learn more about, I’ll help you figure that out. (I developed a ton of training that you can access for FREE anytime you need it.)

If there’s a mindset issue that’s holding you back, we’ll work on that too.

If you need to hire team members to implement, I have great folks that I can refer whom I've personally vetted.

I am truly a partner on your success team. Arm-in-arm. Side-by-side. We’re in this together to get you the financial results, market visibility, consistent revenue and impact in the world you want to create.

And because there is power in getting feedback from others, you’ll also get the benefit of a small, tight-knit community of folks who, like you, are committed to success.

This program is custom made for people who are hovering around the 6-figure mark in their business, and their goal is to reach at least $250,000 - $500,000 in revenue in the next 1 - 3 years.


I’m only accepting 12 people per year into Success Circle (and five of the spots are already filled).

So, if this is resonating with you, fill out this application quickly and let’s talk.

I want to reiterate, this is NOT just another mastermind. This is truly a customized one-on-one mentorship with the added element of a tight-knit circle of business owners and leaders to bounce ideas off of and brainstorm with. This is for extraordinary people committed to creating extraordinary breakthrough results!

Love, Kim

a sampling of things Kim has helped past clients with

  • Successfully launching and filling new programs, so you ensure you are reaching your revenue targets and goals

  • Building a high-profile impact brand that generates more attention in the marketplace, so you can get noticed and build a list of qualified buyers who are warm and ready

  • Getting booked on bigger stages, getting your book launched, building your platform, and becoming known

  • Looking at your technology backend systems to see where we can optimize your online marketing and sales funnels for maximum conversion

  • Determining how you want to utilize technology in a way that makes good business sense and isn’t overwhelming or daunting

  • Finding ways to build in more time for You — time off, self-care appointments, vacations, and sabbaticals, without hurting your bottom line

team build.png
  • Creating new revenue streams and strategies to generate consistent income so that you have a solid plan for growth and more security around your income every month

  • Finding the right team members with the perfect skill sets, without blowing your budget

  • Releasing the overwhelm around all of the stuff you need to do, focusing on what’s really important, and delegating the rest

What makes success circle unique?

Your time in The Success Circle will help you find the best strategy, the best system, and the best marketing... but that's not the best part!

The Success Circle is about the best way to be yourself in your business. The best way to BE in your business. And when you are “being” the best version of yourself, the doing comes with grace, ease and joy.

There is balance and a flow that comes when you are connected to your higher purpose while at the same time grounded in simply good business principles. This is what Kim has done, year after year for herself and countless clients and it’s what she shows you how to do for yourself.

What's possible?

The result of membership in the Success Circle is a business where you feel in total alignment in all areas. This means that you can have a flow of money AND a flow of time. This means that when you look at your day and see what you are up to, you can be excited and joyful.

When Kim is your mentor, you actually begin to trust yourself and your own inner guidance. It is actually trusting yourself more that yields unimaginable results, and your business can be a reflection of your purpose on the planet at its highest level.


String of consistent 5-figure months

When it was time to find my next business mentor, I wanted to work with someone that co-created with me (like I do for my clients). I wanted to leave the session with things accomplished rather than a lengthy to do list. Kim is exactly that kind of mentor, and hiring her is definitely my the best decision I made for my business this year. I feel so thoroughly supported and held by her leadership. She goes above and beyond —like when she sent me some social media posts to use for my launch out of the blue! She's helped me build new revenue streams and a stronger brand, while keeping me on track and showing me how to be even more strategic. Since working with her, I've been able to have a string of consistent 5 figure months and record webinar enrollment. I feel like the sky is the limit, and that is entirely due to Kim's partnership!
— Sarah Michael, Sparkling Results Coaching


All of the ways you will be supported in this 6-month program


Private Mentorship Calls 2 Hours Per Month for 6 months (12 hours total): We’ll jump on the phone or a zoom call to work on your business. You can break up the hours in any way that serves you best.

You may decide that you need weekly check ins or a few longer VIP days or working sessions to tackle a project. No problem. We’ll find what works for you.

5 Monthly Success Circle Group Calls: We’ll meet as a group on zoom video conference so that you benefit from the knowledge of other experienced business people. Together we’ll form a trusted, intimate group of serious entrepreneurs who will potentially become friends, colleagues, confidantes, and supporters. On our 90-minute group calls, we may, from time to time, break into group dyads or triads to do some intense work together. We will mix these groups up so you can get the full benefit from the depth of the experience of the entrepreneurs in this group.

Please note we will have 5 monthly calls and the 1 month we don’t have a call we will be together in our 3 day retreat. All calls will be recorded in case you have to miss one. You may also submit questions ahead of the call if you know you’re going to miss and we’ll answer them in the recording for you.


Three-Day Workshop-Style Retreat in Austin, TX:
We’ll have three amazing days full of activities for expanding our money-making, business genius, and innovation skills as well as self-care and fun. This workshop-style retreat is hands down, the best way to maximize results and generate life-changing breakthroughs in your business.

This is highly interactive and focused on implementation results. You won’t be just sitting there taking notes and left to take action on them by yourself when you get home from the event. We’ll actually be building and working inside your business, laptops open and putting the pieces together right then and there.

Business Emergency Lifeline Calls: Ok, here’s the deal. I NEVER want you to feel alone, so I’m granting you access to me in case of business emergencies. If something comes up and you really need to problem solve with me, we’ll get on the phone pronto. (Yes, you’ll have my cell phone number!) I request that it be during normal work hours, and I trust you not to abuse this privilege. You can trust me to keep my promise.

Private Success Circle Facebook Group: To interact with other Circle members on a daily (and hourly) basis, ask questions, get feedback, share resources, offer your services, be accountable, celebrate successes (and “failures”) and have each other’s back.

Plus these awesome bonuses!


PAY IN FULL BONUS: 3 Hour intensive with kim — $1,500 value:

In this powerful 3-hour VIP Mentorship Intensive with Kim, you will get a personal injection of energy to move you toward your vision further and faster than you could alone. You will be seen, resistance will melt away and custom strategies will be birthed for maximum results and minimum effort.  Start off with renewed energy, clarity and focus!


TTI - DISC Assessment and debrief session

The assessment reveals insights into how, what and why you do what you do, think what you think, and behave the way you do. When you understand what motivates you or zaps your energy and effectiveness, you can make better decisions about your business and life. 




Yep, you’ll get access to all other online offers that Kim creates while you are an active member of this program for free. And if we do a special retreat or live event, you’ll get priority access and a huge discount on entry.


Success Circle is for you if

  • You’re ready to level up and grow your business to the multiple 6-figure mark

  • You have a clear idea about your market and a proven product or service that people want and are already buying

  • You’re ready and open to take Kim's mentorship advice and put it in place in your business

  • You understand that it takes work to build your business and you’re ready to commit to showing up, implementing, and sticking with it to the end

  • You are ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work crafting business building strategies, which may include raising your prices or other things that might not feel “comfortable” at first

  • You welcome coaching and mentorship around overcoming obstacles along the way

  • You want a small community of like-minded people who are serious about building a business and making a difference in the world

  • You believe making money is a good thing, not an evil thing

  • You need the accountability of being surrounded by confident achievers

  • You want to avoid costly mistakes so you can confidently fast-track your results


Success Circle is NOT for you if

  • You’re in tire-kicking mode and you’ve bounced around from program to program without taking action or implementing

  • You’re not that serious about growing your business right now

  • You haven’t selected a market or niche, or you don’t know if anyone actually wants your program or product

  • You are looking for a magic bullet and not willing to invest the time and energy to really make a difference in your business this year

  • If you’re already making 7-figures, then you’re probably too advanced. You’ll want to talk to Kim about her Outsourced CMO services.


This program will give you the personalized mentorship,
the customized support, the community,
the confidence and the accountability
you need to fast track your results in the coming year!


Are you ready for success?

First of all, let’s jump on the phone and see if this is a good fit all around. Fit is SUPER important to me, and it will be for you too if you come into the program. Start by filling out this application and we’ll send you a link to book a time to talk with me.


The total value of this program: $15,000++

  • 12 private mentorship calls with Kim — $6,000 value

  • 5 success circle group calls — $2,000 value

  • 3-day live retreat — $5,000 value

  • Business emergency lifeline calls — $ seriously priceless

  • DISC assessment and debrief — $500 value

  • PAY IN FULL BONUS: 3-Hour Half Day Private VIP Intensive with Kim  —  $1,500 value

  • Anything else Kim creates — $ yeah, you get the picture...


Your Investment


enroll and Pay In Full


(and Save $2,000 and get your 3-hour VIP Intensive with Kim)

  • $8,000 paid in full


enroll with a Payment Plan

  • Enroll with a $2,500 downpayment to secure your spot

  • 5 monthly payments of $1,500


It’s time to make a conscious decision…


Are you going to “go it alone” or is it time to get the support you need?

Do yourself a favor and decide what you need. You don't need one more thing on your plate to "think about".

If it's personalized and customized mentorship, an intimate community of amazing business leaders, and strategies to help you go further faster, then you have found what you’ve been craving.

Only you know if it’s your time and only you know if Kim is your mentor.

Remember, this is an investment in the only thing you can really count on… YOURSELF!

The options and terms are outlined in the application.  There are no refunds or cancellations once you’ve made this commitment to yourself.  We won’t let you turn your back on the wide open door you put on your path to success.  

So if this feels good to you, complete the application ASAP and let's talk. (DON'T WAIT! 6 of the 12 spots are already taken.)

Your Application must be filled out in its entirety. We will not consider applications with missing information.

Spots in Success Circle are limited, and applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.


what people say about working with kim


Doubled Our Revenue In Two Years

Kim was instrumental in running the business operations for my company, enabling us to double our revenue within two years. With Kim at the helm, we were able to implement several new revenue streams including high-end masterminds, online training programs, tele-summits and 3-day live events with hundreds of attendees. As my most trusted trainer, she helped me provide marketing and business growth coaching to over 300 entrepreneurs. She managed the hiring and oversight of our team, and set up new systems and processes that enabled us to run simultaneous funnels for the first time. I highly recommend her as a mentor in marketing, business growth, and team management.
— Lisa Cherney, Conscious Marketing, Inc.



When I started my new company I knew I needed support to become the leader I wanted to be and my company needed.  My coaching with Kim has been the best investment I have made into my business, we work through business decisions, my growth as a leader and to details on how to handle a challenging situation. Kim’s life and work experience along with her coaching expertise are a perfect combination.

Nicole Bassett — Social Entrepreneur and Founder of The Renewal Workshop



Kim helped us go from being a reactionary small business with little foresight, to a full-fledged advertising and interactive design agency in under 2 years. She helped us implement new systems, processes and contracts so that everything ran smoothly; many years later it still does. We also tripled our revenue two years in a row! But the best part for me personally as the founder, was that Kim helped me focus back on doing what I love — the creative process, design, cinematography.

Nate Smith — Founder/Creative Director, The Vacuum Agency, BigFootage Stock Video




When I decided to launch my business, the first person I called was Kim. I knew from watching her build her own practice that she understood the strategy and mechanics of launching a soul-centered business. Working together, Kim helped me crystalize my vision, create a product and pricing strategy and guided me through my messaging and positioning. What I like most about Kim is that she keeps current. This is a rapidly changing landscape and old product launch models are not working. Kim is always on top of the most successful strategies using the most current technologies. Three years later, I still seek her out to help me crystalize my business strategy. 

Debra Boulanger — Founder, Live A Whole Life



Kim’s knowledge of marketing, branding, strategy, systems and processes made for a perfect strategic partnership for the launch of our new organization. Not only did I learn so much from Kim, but she is an amazing woman, both personally and professionally and is one who truly believes in making a difference in the world! I highly recommend Kim Carpenter if you are wanting to take your business to the next level.

Misty Mamolejo - Entrepreneur, Motivator, Leader of Empowering Women

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 4.10.52 PM.png

Identified key growth areas

Kim has been a brilliant support to me over the last year. She's really helped me refine my focus, identify key growth areas for my business and strategies for doing this. I treasure Kim's ability to see the possibility for your business and hold this vision until you're ready to catch up – in terms of the scope of activities, the impact you can have and how best to streamline operational processes. At a stage where I want to take my business to the next level and maintain a good work/life balance, Kim has helped me identify what to focus on, stop doing, delegate and automate. Phew! I have clear and exciting goals for next year that feel possible rather overwhelming. If you are driven to make a difference in the world, want to take your business to the next level and be supported by someone who has exceptional experience of helping successful entrepreneurs achieve this, I thoroughly recommend checking out how Kim could help you.

Alisoun Mackenzie - Entrepreneur, Business Mentor, Keynote Speaker, Leader

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 4.07.38 PM.png

Washed Away All Confusion and Left Me Feeling Super Targeted

My greatest challenge was to stop drowning in a sea of possible starting points and fabulous product ideas and actually get started! Kim's methods for honing in on the perfect starting point, and creating task-by-task action steps washed away all the confusion and left me feeling super targeted. I stopped beating myself up for not being able to figure it all out already, I stopped taking more classes and buying more programs, and I started taking action that produced results and led to paying clients. I am now more efficient than ever, and making the big impact on the world that I have long desired.

Sara Sherman, MS — Speaker, Best Selling Author, Single Mom Expert