You’ve taken a big step toward finally getting CLARITY, which will bring lots more CASH (and you’ll get to help lots more people).

I am thrilled that you made this decision to invest in yourself.  Now I get to be by your side while you go to the next level.

I want to get you started RIGHT AWAY. And the first step toward CLARITY is solving the mystery that is your Ideal Client beginning with diagnosing and curing your Multiple Ideal Client Personality Disorder. So let’s get started…



‘How to Diagnose Multiple Ideal Client Personality Disorder (MICPD)’


Curing Your MICPD

Here are some tips and directions on doing the Pre-Assignment :

  1. First Listen to ‘How to Diagnose Multiple Ideal Client Personality Disorder’ audio and take notes along the way.  You will hear me actually coaching people through this and it’s bound to spark some ah-ha’s.
  2. Then, using the worksheet ‘Curing Your MICPD’ above as a guideline, decide which Ideal Client group to focus on for the course, and then we will jump in with Module #1, Claim ‘Em.
  3. The next step will be to add the precision of the Ideal Client characteristics.  This is what has been my passion since 1999 and what we will jump in with on Call 1.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You are just picking an Ideal Client Group to focus on while you go through the Cash Through Clarity Program.  It doesn’t mean that you have to stick with it forever.  But focusing on one, even just for our time together, is guaranteed to give you clarity.  And if the other types of clients come to you, you can decide if you are going to serve them.  But you will be putting your outward energy on this Ideal Client group and that will lead to more CASH!

This will get you ready to jump right in to Module #1 Claim ‘Em! Don’t worry if you are not certain which Ideal Client group to focus on, or if you have ANY questions, because the first Training Module (called “Claim ‘Em”) is dedicated to bringing this concept home. (I know many of you have been struggling with this for years. You will hear many similar stories. You are not alone! And you are in just the right place because this is our mastery.)

What happens next?

Very shortly, we will get you access to our Cash Through Clarity course website with all of the training audios, worksheets and resources you need. You will be able to listen to the training audios and fill out the worksheets. 

And just breathe!!!

If you have questions, or need help, please email my assistant, Erin, at

Let’s get clear!

Kim Carpenter