Bali Resources (because you asked)

After living in Bali for 6 months in 2017, I get asked constantly about what activities, restaurants, and accommodations I recommend. I thought I'd put together this list for ya! Feel free to share and add comments below on what you love in Bali too! 

Here are some pics!

My favorite place to stay in Bali by far is in Ubud's neighborhood of Penestanan, just on the other side of the Camphuan River from Ubud's bustling city center.

My friend, Badra, owns a series of gorgeous villas at varying prices that you can find here on AirBnB. If you email him first and say that you know me, you might be able to get a special deal. (no guarantees)

Badra House listings: 

My favorite yoga places in Ubud are:

  • Radiantly Alive - lovely little studio in town
  • Yoga Barn - a super large center with yoga, massage, and healing at "western" prices
  • Intuitive Flow - in Penestanan accessed by a walk through the rice fields



There are some very cute places behind Alchemy restaurant down a pathway behind D'Oma hotel to stay and eat. 

Definitely stay away from hotels or guest houses on Monkey Forest road, choose some either in Penestanan or in the rice fields. Try Airbnb, or VRBO to find a place.


FAVORITE MASSAGE PLACES To get here you can walk the Champhuan ridge which is a MUST SEE in Ubud.  If not, there's a back road that you can take but it will cost ya more for a taxi there. In Penestanan



  • Alchemy
  • The Elephant
  • Sari Organik (the one in the rice fields)
  • Kafe (there are two owned by Yoga Barn)
  • Taco Casa
  • Indus  (enjoy a morning coffee on their amazing terrace)
  • Melting Wok Warung
  • Clear Cafe
  • Kismet
  • Bali Buddha
  • Moksa
  • Kebun Bistro
  • Three Monkeys
  • Creperie
  • Mama Mia (pizza)
  • Vespa
  • Cafe des Artistes
  • Sage

Honestly, the list goes on.  It's an amazing place for foodies!!!!!!!

Check TripAdvisor frequently while there:



Candidasa: If you want beach time not too far from Ubud check out Candidasa. I like to stay at Aquaria.  

Nusa Lembongan is an island off the coast of Bali. You take a ferry to get there:


Canguu: The hottest new surfer spot hosts great food, nightlife, and beach time. More low-key than Seminyak.

Gili Meno: Sweet island, again you'll need to take a ferry here but it's well worth it. My favorite by far place to stay there was Seri Resort Gili Meno.

Seminyak: I felt like I was in the "Miami" of Bali here. Everything is gorgeous, upscale and cosmopolitan... but it doesn't feel like Bali to me. You could be in any western high-end beach city... but if that's your thing this place is great. I stayed here for 3 weeks to have a dose of Americana. The prices are much cheaper than in the West and you can get anything you want to buy, eat, or experience. 

My friend owns the gorgeous modern hotel and suites in the primo area of Seminyak - definitely recommended - It's across the street from Potato Head Beach club and the W Hotel. Downstairs is the amazing Cafe Organic. Spas all around and incredible boutique shopping.

Seminyak has the best restaurants! Check out:

  • La Favella
  • Ku De Ta
  • Finns Beach club
  • Potato head beach club
  • The Lawn
  • Cafe Del Mar