I totally fell flat on my ...

I'm spending a week in lovely British Columbia, Canada, working on my new brand with my creative director and visiting with beloved friends.  

This weekend I snapped on a pair of cross country skis and set off through tree-lined trails. I haven't put skis on in 6 years so... 

Encountering a particularly steep and winding turn, one of my skis popped out of the grooved track and my ski started flailing around willy nilly. All I could see was the space between me and the trees getting smaller... fast!

Instead of smashing into a tall trunk, I awkwardly conducted what is sweetly called a "controlled fall" around these parts. (This means I intentionally fell on my butt, sliding about 8 feet, and stopping right before the trees. Yay... and ouch.)

My friend gently reminded me that I could step out of the tracks, control my speed, and go as slow or fast as I wanted.

It occurred to me that sometimes my business has been just like cross country skiing.

When I've followed a path that someone else carved for me, I could go a lot faster. However, sometimes it wasn't the right path for me or the right speed, and I ended up falling on my butt when I tried to execute moves in the same way as my teacher.

I remember a particularly dismal attempt at launching a 6-figure webinar where I ended up falling flat on my butt. One person signing up and basically I offered to coach them privately for the same fee. Ouch indeed. 

What I saw from that experience was that I needed to I step away from the guru's methods and find my own way. But without a guide it was hard to navigate. I felt wobbly until I found someone that would ski in that out-of-the-beaten-track place along side of me, helping me find MY own groove. 

More and more I find that my clients need me to be that personal guide, which is why I've moved to a one-on-one mentorship model. 

Here's to you finding YOUR OWN PATH that generates clients and revenue consistently, keeping you standing tall and staying out of the trees!

Ski on, brave soul!