Where the heck is Kim?

It’s been a long while since you’ve heard from me, unless you’ve been following my adventures on Facebook, so I wanted to check in and say hello and let you know what I’ve been up to.

Summer/Fall, 2015 - The Big Launch - I was deeply embroiled with the launch of the Evolutionary Business Accelerator with my business partner at the time, Lisa Engles. It was a joy to find a partner who shared the mission of helping socially conscious businesses owners wake up to their genius, grow their business, and make an impact. We worked with amazing companies to create marketing strategies that launched their work into the world. In the midst of this, Lisa’s fiance, Tim, was in a horrible bicycle accident. He was hit by a car and broke his back in two places.

September, 2015 - Missing Dad - Lisa was still nursing Tim back to health when my Dad’s health rapidly declined. He passed away with cancer at the end of September, 2015. During his final 6 weeks, my boyfriend and I moved in with my parents to help provide care to Dad. It was the most intense time of my life, and instead of taking a much needed break from work, I powered through. 

October, 2015 - Putting Down Roots - My boyfriend and I moved in together after my Dad’s passing. He was and continues to be a massive support to my family.

March, 2016 - Exhaustion - Believing in the power of fortitude, I kept moving through program launches - serving over 30 companies to develop and launch new online marketing strategies. But there was something missing in my mission. Never fully giving myself permission to heal from my Dad’s passing, I found myself completely exhausted. I had adrenal fatigue, I gained a lot of weight (went from size 8 to 12), and I had compassion fatigue on top of it. My energy tanks were empty. I felt no passion for life, for my work... for anything. 

December, 2016 - Endings - Lisa and I amicably parted ways to pursue different business interests. We remain the best of friends, and I will forever be grateful to her for her compassion and support.

April, 2017 - Bali Bound - Determined to give myself a total reset, I decided to spend two months in Bali. I sold my Austin condo and came to the hard truth that my relationship also needed to end. All of these things that I’d set up to help me feel rooted and stable, were not enabling my spirit to thrive.

June, 2017 - Making Bali My Home - After two months of deep and often excruciating soul searching, meditation, painting, writing, and mostly doing as much of nothing as I could stand… I realized that I wasn’t done with Bali yet, and Bali wasn’t done with me. I decided to stay and make it my home…. for now.

Now - What has become clear to me is that I have a passion for working with Conscious Business Leaders who have a Fire In Their Belly to address Social Problems. Some examples from my current and past clients are to... end the gender gap, end poverty in Africa, eradicate waste and pollution in the clothing industry, help women step into leadership to combat today’s hyper-masculine paradigm, reverse climate change, and cultivate resilience in times of crisis.

As you can see these are not small feats, and likely not achievable in our lifetime, but for my clients the pursuit of them equals a life worth living. 

So, that’s the snapshot! I’d love to talk with you. Post a comment below and let me know what moved or inspired you from this message, and what you’d like to hear more about. 

Big Hugs,

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