Fast Track Your Coaching Business Online

Have you been trying to figure out how to grow your coaching business online? Feeling a little bit frustrated?

It’s no wonder. With all of the courses, articles and free webinars out there on how to use the internet to grow your business, it’s easy to get confused. 

When planning an online marketing strategy, how do you know what to focus on to get more clients and grow your coaching business?

If you’re marketing yourself as a coach — whether the specialization is in health, business, or life coaching — you’ll quickly see that venturing out into the digital world with your programs and services is critical to growing and sustaining a profitable coaching business. Although you may have been doing what you do offline for some time now, in order to reach a wider audience you’ll need to bring your offerings online. 

If you’ve already dipped your toe into the online marketing pool, it probably feels like a whole new world that can be confusing and overwhelming at first.  

You may have even enrolled in courses to learn how to find a niche and turn your coaching practice into a branded program. You may have learned how to enroll new clients via webinars or teleseminars, how to do public speaking to fill your high-end group coaching programs, or how to build strategic alliances with partners to build your email list.

These are valuable assets, but they aren’t your marketing strategy.

Unfortunately, statistics show that 90% of coaching businesses fail in the first 5 years, even if they’ve spent thousands of dollars for marketing training. Just because you’ve created a great brand, program or signature talk, doesn’t mean that you’ll have a thriving and successful coaching business.  

This could be avoided if you have a comprehensive online marketing strategy for your business that includes the business activities you need to focus on in order to get noticed in a noisy online marketplace, and acquire new clients in the digital world, consistently.

So, what are the online business building activities that YOU should be focused on next, dear coach?  

Here's a little chart to help you identify where you are and what you need to do next:

What you Have

What You Need (minimum)

What Business Activities You Need to Focus On

  • A coaching practice (with individuals and perhaps groups)

A signature branded system that describes what you offer and what makes you stand out online as unique beyond just being “a coach”

  • Identify your ideal client and what their challenges are
  • Identify what makes your coaching unique
  • Create your signature branded system
  • A coaching practice
  • A signature branded system

A system for acquiring prospects online and converting them into leads, consistently

  • Create a simple online marketing and sales funnel that consists of at least one free and one low priced offer
  • Create your opt in pages and email sequences
  • Use online marketing tools to automate your funnel so that it generates leads and converts prospects 24x7
  • A coaching practice
  • A signature branded system
  • A simple online marketing and sales funnel

A set of processes and practices for cultivating trust with your prospects and clients

  • Develop and execute a content marketing strategy - create weekly emails and a blog to have regular content delivered online
  • Master one social media platform to connect with prospects and clients
  • Use online tools to create a system and processes that supports regular content creation
  • Establish yourself as a trusted coaching source online
  • A coaching practice
  • A signature branded system
  • A simple online marketing and sales funnel
  • A content marketing strategy

A customer value optimization strategy and system to maximize your online growth potential

  • Create a system using online tools to maximize existing customer transaction value and frequency. (Statistics show that 80% of your company’s future revenue will come from 20% of your current clients. Gartner Group)
  • Develop a suite of offerings and increase your profit margins through leveraged programs, products or services.