Bali Sabbatical

In early March of 2017 I decided to go on sabbatical for two months. I had just gone under contract on my condo and it sparked a sense of hope and courage in me. The courage to do the extreme self care that I felt like I needed after the past three years of moving to Austin, going through my father's cancer journey and passing, and creating a startup business that ultimately didn't work out as planned. And hope. Hope that taking a break would actually help alleviate the adrenal fatigue and kind of numbed out state I was in.

You see, in all of the activity over the past three years, I never really took a break. Oh sure... I took a month in Canada last summer, but it was filled to the brim with work. I didn't even really have time for some of my closest friends. I didn't go on any big hikes. I didn't have the energy to.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine called me out on it. The fatigue, that is. So, in my typical "Kim's-on-a-travel-mission" fashion, I made a quick decision. I need to go. I need a total break from everything. I need to find my joy again... my creativity, my art (that has been lost for over a decade), my lust for life, and real honest-to-goodness passion for my work. 

And so here I am on a "quest for my feminine soul" (thank you Elena for that inspiration). 

I think it will help me to document some things and share with you here, and so I will. But only as I'm inspired to do so... from my feminine essence. No timelines, deadlines, commitments or god forbid a publishing calendar! (all you online marketers know what I mean)

Here are some pictures from my first day in Bali. It's the festival of Galungan, when your deceased ancestors come to visit for a week. Next week they'll go back, so you've gotta make sure they feel welcome. That's what the beautiful decorations and offerings are all about.