Business Coach for Social Entrepreneurs

Are you a Change Agent or a Social Entrepreneur?

Are you ready to create your business or project so that it’s successful on all levels — caring for people, the planet, and also making a profit?

WE are the leaders we’ve been waiting for. The world needs us to step into that leadership and get our work out there. Nobody is coming to save us. We’re it!

My name is Kim Carpenter and I can help you:

  • Master simple, step-by-step processes for launching a solid business
    so you can make money while you make a difference, regardless if you have a for-profit or not-for-profit business.

  • Create marketing from the heart that’s authentic, makes an
    impact, and inspires people to say YES! to your offering.

  • Get a massive breakthrough in your confidence level so you
    can step into the purpose and vision for your most magnificent life!

  • Keep your business in line with your life purpose so you can leave a legacy you’re proud of.

Some of the results my clients see are:

  • A feeling that you’ve come home to yourself and the work you’re meant to do in the world
  • Go from frustrated to inspired because you’re seeing REAL results
  • A new-found LOVE for marketing! Yes, that’s right, L-O-V-E!
  • More cha-ching! in your bank account (which makes for a lot more smiling… maybe even happy dancing and singing in the shower too!)
  • An increase in your impact and influence in the world

You’ll get the most from working with me if you:

  • Are a positive person, ready to take action and bust out of your comfort zone
  • Are ready to seriously commit to yourself and your business because you know you have something to contribute
  • Have tremendous courage and heart, high integrity and big ol’ visions

If you’d like to find out more about working with me,
click here to book a complimentary strategy session.

It takes a lot of courage to be an agent of change and the world is waiting for you… let’s talk.

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